Drug Manufacturing & Distribution Charges in Florida

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In Florida, both manufacturing and / or distributing controlled substances is a serious offense that involves severe penalties if convicted. If you or a family member are under investigation or have been formally charged with drug manufacturing, cultivation, and / or distribution, it is in your best interest to contact William Dyer Attorney at Law as soon as possible – preferably before you make any kind of statement to the police.

As a Panama City drug manufacturing lawyer, I will immediately review your case and provide the knowledgeable legal counsel you need throughout any criminal proceedings. With 15 years of experience in dealing with the local justice system, I know the law, the procedures, and the local personnel. I work tirelessly to help the accused achieve a favorable resolution.

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Florida Drug Laws

Outside of just possessing a drug, you can also be convicted of a crime if you are caught trying to make or sell a drug.

Florida law bans drug-related activities including:

  • Cultivating marijuana
  • Conducting drug manufacturing operations
  • Possessingthe chemicals known to be used in such operations for the intent of manufacturing or cultivation
  • Possessing a controlled substance with the intent to sell it
  • Drug trafficking involving knowingly participating in plans or activities to bring large quantities of controlled substances into the state

Unless you are found with a small quantity of a controlled substance that you intended to sell, you will likely be charged with a felony in the above types of drug offenses. How you will be charged will depend on the amount and type of drugs involved and any prior criminal convictions. Felony charges can range from third- to first-degree felony for drug trafficking. Penalties can range from five to 30 years in prison along with heavy fines.

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When your future is at stake, having capable legal counsel is essential. As your legal advisor and advocate, my job is to build a strong defense on your behalf and to ensure that you are treated fairly throughout all proceedings. I have the experience, skills, and determination to help you overcome this difficult situation.

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